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At TalentScouting we’re teammates first, recruiters second.

We’ll partner with you and your team, and work with you in-house to grow your business, however works best for you.

How we work

At TalentScouting we can support you with the entire end-to-end recruiting process. We will create and post job ads with in-depth descriptions based on the requirements of the role. When the listing is live we’ll review incoming applications daily, and set up initial interviews with potential candidates.

We will provide timely feedback to candidates on the progress of their applications by working directly with the hiring manager up to the point when a contract is awarded.

Another service we can provide is building out talent pools for your company, to ensure that you have a bank of candidates as you grow. We’ll also help you to find and maintain HR tools that’ll work for you as you scale up.

*We work to provide these services on an hourly rate with a commission based system.*


Every company is unique, so our service is always tailored towards your needs.
We can support you with the entire end-to-end recruiting process including; active talent sourcing, daily application review, and full support at every stage of the interview process.







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Our Team

We are a woman-led international recruiting company that helps clients across the globe find the best candidates for their business. Our team has vast experience across HR, law, and human psychology, which enable us to provide a personalised human approach to your recruiting process.

Gina Willems

Gina has 10+ experience working across recruitment, talent, and HR. 

Gina was born on the Canary Islands, and later moved to Germany, and now her time is split between Barcelona, Berlin, and Malta.

Fluent in English, Spanish, and German, Gina thrives in multicultural, open backgrounds, where she can build strong, lasting relationships with the people she works with.

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